Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for a card?

The card can be applied for by disabled individuals or by a representative or guardian for the disabled person. If you are applying on behalf of the individual then please complete the application as if you were the cardholder, their personal details will be used and not the person applying for the card on their behalf.

Only those who are in receipt of qualifying disability benefits can apply for the card:

  • Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • Attendance Allowance (AA)
  • Blue Badge
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment
  • ESA
  • Medical Evidence Letter
  • Registered as a blind person or partially sighted

What documentation is required?

The documentary evidence must be up to date and will need to be uploaded as a single document as part of the application process.  It must show the cardholders name and address and the expiry or review date of their relevant entitlement. A scan / photo of the document is all that is required.

What type of photo is required?

The photo should be similar to the passport style. It should be in jpeg format and will be uploaded as part of the application process. Your photograph may be rejected and your application delayed unless it shows your:

  • head and shoulders and not obscured in any way.
  • face clearly visible and facing forward
  • glasses worn without reflective glare ( sunglasses are not acceptable)
  • head without any head covering, except worn for medical or religious reasons
  • face against a clear background without shadow, preferably a white backgound 
  • eye open and without red eye

Images should be JPEG format, and less than 12 megabytes in size.

    What are acceptable for photographs of children?

    It is appreciated that photographs of children may be difficult. We require:

    • The youngster must be photographed on their own
    • Dummies must be removed
    • No toys visible
    • Very young or severely disabled youngsters do not have to have their eyes open but their face must be visible and not obscured in any way.

    If there is any difficult in meeting these criteria please feel free to email If applying via the postal method please include an explanation in a covering note.

    Is there an age limit to apply for the card?

    No. There is no upper or lower age limit as disabilities affect all ages. A parent may apply for the card on behalf of their disabled child. The disabled person's name and their NI number should be in the lefthand side of the applictaion form.

    How much does it cost?

    A standard online application will cost:
    £12 for 1 year or
    £15 for 2 years.

    A postal application with a cheque or postal order (or a partially online application) will cost:
    £17 for 1 year or
    £20 for 2 years.

    Why does it cost more for postal applications?

    Postal applications require more administrative time to process, e.g. manual entry of the application form and uploading of the cardholders photograph.

    What is on the card?

    The card contains:

    • a photograph of the disabled cardholder
    • the name of the cardholder
    • the card expiry date
    • a unique cardholders number 
    • a holodesign DID emblem

    When will the card expire?

    1 year or 2 years from the date of application or the renewal date.

    How long will I have to wait for my card?

    Your DID Card will normally be sent out to you within 1-2 working days of the completed application being received and will be sent to you by Royal Mail 2nd Class post. Postage is included in the processing fee.
    If for any reason the information on the card is incorrect or you are not entirely satisfied then contact us immediately.(Link to contact us page)

    What are the benefits of owning a DID Card?

    The benefits may vary from place to place, the DID Card may allow you to:

    • obtain ONE free ticket for carer who is accompanying you and providing you with the appropriate assistance
    • get discounts, special offers or concessionary rates for disabled 
    • providing the cardholder with disabled identification
    • no longer having to carry the paper entitlement documents to prove disability exists
    • personal and sensitive information included on your paper entitlement documentation will no longer need to be shown to organisations such as NI number, medical condition, date of birth, address etc. as the DID card is all that is necessary. 

    Where is the card accepted?

    Many entertainment centres, theatres and attractions accept the card, where they would otherwise require paper documentation to prove that the person is disabled and in receipt of DLA or other qualifying benefits. Please note the Merlin Group do not accept the DID Card as they have their own disabled ID scheme.

    Are there any conditions to my using the card?

    Please read the Terms and Conditions that apply to card use. You must consent to these terms and conditions online before the card can be processed.

    What validation and checks are done with my application?

    The application will be checked to ensure:

    • the form is correctly fully completed
    • the applicant has the correct proof of eligibility 
    • the eligible benefit has at least 12 months before it expires 
    • the photograph is usable and in the correct size and format.

    Once these checks have been completed and the payment made we will process the card application and mail it to you to address on the application form.

    Are my personal details kept confidential?

    All your personal details and scanned documents are retained on our secure database. All hard copies of any postal applications and documents will be securely shredded, no file copies will be held. The card holder’s personal information will be held for the lifetime of the card. If the card is not renewed then all personal information will be permanently deleted. 

    We do not sell your information or share with any other companies. All data is held securely and in compliance with the Data protection Act – for more information please see the Privacy Policy

    What happens when the DID card is due to expire?

    You will be contacted via email where an email address has been supplied approximately one month prior to the expiry date of your DID card in order for you to renew your card. Where no email has been supplied then a letter will be sent to the cardholders given address. 
    You can request a renewal through your personal log in and upload any new documentation if applicable. Unless there is a material difference in your appearance adult cardholders can reuse their photo for up to 5 years, when a new photograph will be required. Children under the age of 18 must have new photographs each year.

    What happens if my card is refused?

    We will make every effort to contact the applicant to resolve any queries that arose from the application and you will be able to upload any photograph and eligible documents to enable the card to be processed. If these are not provided and the applicant is not entitled to any of the eligible benefits then with regret the card will be refused. 

    Will you issue a refund?

    If you return the card to use within 60 days of receiving it we will give you a full refund.

    What do if I lose my card or it is stolen or damaged?

    You must keep your card safe but should you lose your card please log on and provided there are no changes to your personal details a replacement card can be reissued with the original expiry date or 12 months from the time of reissue. Note – The standard online card processing fee remains.

    How do I contact DID Card if I require any assistance?

    If you require further information or assistance, please submit your query by using the contact form and we will respond to emails within 72 hours or write to us:

    DID Card Ltd,
    PO BOX 1072,
    IP1 9AN

    We do not operate a call centre in order to keep the costs of the card down to enable more disabled people to obtain a disabled ID Card. If you wish to speak to someone please send us an email with your query and your contact number and someone will call you if the required.

    You can also use our Facebook Page to send us message and we try to respond the same day.

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    Address: DID Card Ltd,
    PO BOX 1072,
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